Autocopulation see hermaphroditism

autodeme n. [Gr. autos, self; demos, people] Members of a taxonomic group that perform self-fertilization.

autoevisceration n. [Gr. autos, self; L. ex, out; viscera, entrails] (ECHINOD: Holothuroidea) Ejection of intestines and associated organs caused by adverse environmental conditions, severe disturbance, or seasonally; regeneration occurs within weeks.

autofecundity n. [Gr. autos, self; L. fecundus, fruitful] Self-fertilization, as in a few hermaphroditic animals.

autogamy n. [Gr. autos, self; gamos, marriage] Self-fertilization; the fusion of two nuclei originating from a single cell. see allogamy.

autogenesis n. [Gr. autos, self; genesis, beginning] Spontaneous generation; abiogenesis. autogenetic a.

autogeny n. [Gr. autos, self; genesis, birth] 1. Self-generation. 2. Endogeny. 3. (ARTHRO: Insecta) The ability of Culi-cidae females to develop mature eggs without a prior blood meal. autogenous a.

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