Automorphic see idiomorphic

automutagen n. [Gr. autos, self; L. mutare, to change; Gr. gennaein, to produce] Any mutagen produced in an organism as a normal or abnormal metabolite that may induce gene and chromosome mutations.

autonomic a. [Gr. autos, self; nomos, usage] Functioning due to internal causes; self-regulation; spontaneous. autonomous a. see choronomic.

autoparasite n. [Gr. autos, self; parasitos, parasite] A parasite existing at the expense of another parasite.

autopelagic a. [Gr. autos, self; pelagios, of the sea] Referring to organisms found only in the surface waters of the sea.

autophagocytosis n. [Gr. autos, self; phagein, to eat; kytos, container] The consumption of contractile muscular tissue by its own cells, as opposed to leucocytes.

autophagy n. [Gr. autos, self; phagein, to eat] The eating of an appendage shed from the body by autotomy or otherwise.

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