Autothysis see sting autotomy

autotilly n. [Gr. autos, self; tillesthai, to pluck] Loss of appendages by self-amputation. see autospasy.

autotoky n. [Gr. autos, self; tokos, birth] The production of progeny by a single organism, including hermaphroditism and parthenogenesis.

autotomize v.t. [Gr. autos, self; temnein, to cut] To shed a part intentionally; to effect autotomy.

autotomy n. [Gr. autos, self; tome, a cutting] The act of reflex self-mutilation of a part or appendage of various invertebrates, i.e., annelids, cnidarians, crustaceans and insects.

autotriploid n. [Gr. autos, self; triploos, threefold] A triploid in which the three diploid sets are identical. see allotriploid.

autotrophic a. [Gr. autos, self; trophein, to nourish] Capable of synthesizing all substances needed for nutrition from inorganic food substances. see heterotroph.

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