Autotype see heautotype

autozooecium n. [Gr. autos, self; zoon, animal; oikos, house] (bryo) A tube that encloses an autozooid.

autozooid n. [Gr. autos, self; zoon, animal; eidos, form] 1. (bryo) a. A zooid having at some stages of ontogeny a protrusible lophophore, with or without the ability to feed. b. A common bryozoan containing feeding organs in the colony; capable of all life functions in a monomorphic colony. 2. (CNID: Anthozoa) In Alcyonaria, a feeding individual member of a polymorphic colony.

autozooidal polymorph (BRYO) An autozooid with a protrusible lophophore, with or without feeding ability, differing from ordinary feeding zooids in size, shape, tentacle number, or other features.

auxiliaries [L. auxilium, aid] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Hy-menoptera, potential queen bees (gynes) that, in association with a queen, become workers. see gyne.

auxilia n.; pl. -lae [L. auxilium, aid] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Small plates between the unguitractor and the claws; the basipulvilli.

auxiliary a. [L. auxilium, aid] Referring to that which supplements, aids or supports.

auxiliary vein (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Diptera, the subcostal vein anterior to the radius.

auxoautotroph n. [Gr. auxein, to increase; autos, self; tro-phe, nourishment] Any organism capable of synthesizing the growth substances required in its development. see auxoheterotroph.

auxocyte n. [Gr. auxein, to increase; kytos, container] Any germ cell in the growth period, during which snyapsis and tetrad formation occur.

auxoheterotroph n. [Gr. auxein, to increase; heteros, other; trophe, nourishment] Any organism that is incapable of synthesizing the growth substances required in its development.

auxotroph n. [Gr. auxein, to increase; trophe, nourishment] Nutritionally dependent cells, individuals or strains whose growth depends on a specific nutrient in addition to their basic food medium.

avesiculate a. [Gr. a, without; L. vesicula, small bladder] (ANN) a. Referring to a genital system without seminal vesicles. b. Refers to a nephridium without a bladder.

avicularium n.; pl. -ria [L. dim. avis, bird] (BRYO) An enlarged pedunculate operculum of polymorphs, resembling a bird's beak and more intricately reinforced than those of ordinary feeding autozooids.

aviculoid a. [L. dim. avis, bird; Gr. eidos, form] Having winglike projections.

axenic a. [Gr. a, without; xenos, guest] Without, or free from associated organisms; aseptic. see xenic, dixenic, mon-

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