Axis cylinder An axon

axoblast n. [Gr. axon, axle; blastos, bud] (MESO: Rhombozoa) Germinal cells of dicyemids that undergo cleavage and produce new individuals.

axocoel n. [Gr. axon, axle; koilos, hollow] (ECHINOD) The first pair of coelomic sacs in an embryo, that open to the surface by the hydropore.

axon, axone n. [Gr. axon, axle] A long-unbranched or sparsely branched, nerve fiber, which usually conveys impulses away from the cell-body of its neuron.

axoneme n. [Gr. axon, axle; nema, thread] The core of a cil-ium or flagellum, comprising microtubles; genoneme of a chromosome.

axoplasm n. [Gr. axon, axle; plasma, formed or molded] The cytoplasm or neuroplasm of an axis cylinder.

azoic era A geologic era embracing the first four or five billion years of earth history, antedating any record of organized life forms.

azonic a. [Gr. a, without; zone, belt] Not restricted to a zone or locality.

azurophil a. [F. azur, blue; Gr. philein, to love] Having an affinity for staining with azure-eosin combinations. see eosinophil.

azygobranchiate a. [Gr. a, without; zygon, yoke; branchia, gills] Pertaining to gills or ctenidia variously reduced on one side.

azygous n. [Gr. a, without; zygon, yoke] An unpaired appendage, structure or process. azygous, azygote a.

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