Betafemale see teratogyne

beta taxonomy A level of taxonomy involving the arrangment of species into a natural system of lower and higher taxa. see alpha taxonomy, gamma taxonomy.

bialate a. [L. bis, two; alatus, winged] Two-winged.

biangular a. [L. bis, two; angulus, corner, bend] Having two angles or double keeled.

biarcuate a. [L. bis, two; arcuatus, bent like a bow] Twice curved.

biareolate a. [L. bis, two; areolatus, small places] Two celled, or having two areolae. see bilocular.

biarticulate a. [L. bis, two; dim. artus, joint] Having two joints; diarticular.

biaxial a. [L. bis, two; axis, axle] Having two axes.

bicanaliculate a. [L. bis, two; canalis, a channel] Having two channels or grooves.

bicarinate a. [L. bis, two; carina, keel] Having two carinae or keel-like projections.

bicaudal, bicaudate a. [L. bis, two; cauda, tail] Possessing two tails or anal processes.

bicellular a. [L. bis, two; cellula, little cell] Composed of two cells.

biciliate a. [L. bis, two; cilium, eyelash] Furnished with two cilia, flagella, or elaters.

biconcave a. [L. bis, two; concavus, hollow or arched inward] Being concave on both sides; amphicoelous. see amphi-cyrtic.

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