Biliary vessels see Malpighian tubules

bilineate a. [L. bis, two; lineatus, of a line] Of or pertaining to two lines; marked with two lines.

bilobate, bilobed a. [L. bis, two; lobus, rounded projection]

Having two lobes.

bilocular a. [L. bis, two; loculus, compartment] Divided into two cells, chambers, compartments or loculi.

bimaculate a. [L. bis, two; macula, spot] Marked with two spots or stains.

bimarginate a. [L. bis, two; margo, border] Having two margins.

bimineralic skeleton (BRYO: Gymnolaemata) Zoarium or zooecium composed of layers of calcite and others of ara-gonite.

bimuscular a. [L. bis, two; musculus, muscle] Having two muscles.

binary a. [L. binarius, from bini, pair] 1. Composed of two units, elements or parts. 2. Refers to designations of two kinds of names. see binominal nomenclature.

binary fission A form of asexual reproduction in which a cell, or organism divides into approximately equal parts. see transverse fission.

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