Binary nomenclature see binominal nomenclature

binate a. [L. bini, pair] Doubled; growing in pairs.

binervate a. [L. bis, two; nervus, nerve] Having two nerves or veins.

binocular a. [L. bini, pair; oculus, eye] Having two eyes.

binodulose a. [L. bis, two; nodulus, little knot] Having two nodes, knobs, or swellings of small size.

binomen n. [L. bis, two; nomen, name] The scientific designation of a species, consisting of a generic and a specific name. see binominal nomenclature, trinominal nomenclature.

binomial nomenclature A system of nomenclature using two names, first established for animals by Linnaeus in 1758 and now generally referred to as binominal nomenclature.

binominal a. [L. bis, two; nomen, name] Consisting of two words or names.

binominal nomenclature The system of nomenclature adopted by the International Congress of Zoology, by which the scientific name of an animal is designated by both a generic and specific name.

binotate a. [L. bis, two; nota, mark] Having two rounded spots.

binovular a. [L. bini, pair; ovum, egg] Pertaining to two ova.

binucleate a. [L. bis, two; nucleus, kernel] Having two nuclei.

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