Bioassay see biological assay

biocellate a. [L. bis, two; dim. oculus, eye] Having two ocelli.

biocenose n. [Gr. bios, life; koinos, common] A community of plants and animals that occupy a particular habitat; a biotic community. see biocoenosis.

biochemistry n. [Gr. bios, life; chemeia, chemistry] Biological or physiological chemistry; the chemistry of living organisms.

biochore n. [Gr. bios, life; choros, place] A subdivision of biocycle, comprising a group of similar biotopes large enough to form a recognizable habitat. see chore.

biochrome n. [Gr. bios, life; chroma, color] Any natural pigment found in a living organism. see indigoid biochrome, quinone biochrome, schemochrome.

biocoen n. [Gr. bios, life; koinos, common] All of the living components of an environment.

biocoenosis n.; pl. -noses [Gr. bios, life; koinos, common] 1. A community of organisms occupying a biotope. 2. An aggregation of fossils comprised of the remains of organisms living together. see thanatcoenosis.

biocommunication n. [Gr. bios, life; L. communicare, to communicate] The process of conveyance or transfer of information between non-human organisms.

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