Biospecies see biological species concept

biospeleology n. [Gr. bios, life; spelaion, cave; logos, discourse] The scientific study of cave-dwelling organisms.

biosphere n. [Gr. bios, life; sphaira, ball] That portion of the earth that contains living organisms, encompassing the soil, air and water.

biostasis n. [Gr. bios, life; stasis, a standing] The ability of organisms to tolerate environmental alterations without being changed themselves.

biostatics [Gr. bios, life; statos, stationary] The science of the structure of organisms in relation to their function.

biostatistics n. [Gr. bios, life; statos, stationary] The branch of biometry that deals with vital statistics.

biostrome n. [Gr. bios, life; stroma, bed] (MOLL: Bivalvia) Bio-coenosis of hard shelled, sedentary organisms or sediment from them.

biosynthesis n. [Gr. bios, life; synthesis, composition] The formation of an organic compound by an organism.

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