Biosystem see ecosystem

biosystematics n. [Gr. bios, life; systema, an ordered arrangement of things] The study of the biology of populations in respect to evolution and variation of a taxon; experimental taxonomy.

biota n. [Gr. bios, life] The fauna and flora of an area or region.

biotic a. [Gr. biotikos, of life] Of or pertaining to life.

biotic insecticide An organism used to suppress a local pest population.

biotic potential 1. The reproductive potential of a species. 2. An estimate of the rate of increase of a species in the absence of predators, parasites or other inhibiting factors.

biotonus n. [Gr. bios, life; tonos, tension] The ratio between assimilation and dissimilation of a hypothetic unit, cell, organ or organelle (biogen).

biotope n. [Gr. bios, life; topos, place] 1. An area that is uniform in its main climatic, soil and biotic conditions. 2. An ecological niche with suitable conditions for certain fauna and flora. see biochore, core.

biotular spicules (porif) Amphidiscs; having scalloped disks that may occur at both ends of the rhabdome.

biotype n. [Gr. bios, life; typos, type] A group of genotypically identical individuals; frequently used interchangeably with the term race.

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