Cardines pl of cardo

cardinosternal a. [L. cardo, hinge; Gr. sternon, chest] (AR-THRO: Insecta) Of or pertaining to the cardo and the sternum of a labial segment.

cardinostipital a. [L. cardo, hinge; a stipes, a stem] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Pertaining to the cardo and stipes taken together.

cardioblasts [Gr. kardia, heart; blastos, bud] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Special cells during embryology that originate from the upper angle of the coelomic sac to form the heart and dorsal blood vessel.

cardiocoelom n. [Gr. kardia, heart; koilos, hollow] The coelom that forms the pericardium.

cardiocoelomic a. [Gr. kardia, heart; koilos, hollow] Pertaining to the venous openings from the heart to the body cavity.

cardo n., pl. cardines [L. cardo, hinge] 1. A hinge or turning point. 2. (ARTHRO) a. A basal segment or division of the maxillary appendage. b. In Diplopoda, seen externally as the basal cheek lobe. 3. (MOLL: Bivalvia) The hinge.

cardosubmental a. [L. cardo, hinge; sub, under; mentum, chin] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Pertaining to the cardo and the submentum.

caridean lobe (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In caridean shrimps, an external rounded projection on the basal part of the exopod of the first maxilliped.

caridoid facies (ARTHRO: Crustacea) A group of characters that distinguish primitive eumalacostracan crustaceans: enclosure of the thorax by the carapace, movable stalked eyes, biramous antennules, antennae with scaphocerites, thoracopods with natatory exopods, ventrally flexed abdomen, and caudal fan.

carina n., pl. -nae [L. carina, keel] 1. Any keel-like structure or elevated ridge. 2. (ARTHRO: Crustacea) a. A well defined projecting ridge on the outer surface of the carapace of po-docopan ostracods. b. The unpaired posteriodorsal plate of thoracic barnacles; in lepadomorphs, l of up to 4 unpaired plates of the capitulum; in verrucomorphs, the compart-mental plate between the rostrum and fixed tergum; in balanomorphs, compartmental plate, with alae on each side, opposite the rostrum. 3. (ARTHRO: Insecta) a. A form of sharp distal cornuti of the genitalia of certain male Lepi-doptera. b. For Othroptera see frontal costa. c. The fused ventral outer wall of the aedeagus of male fleas. 4. (bryo) The median ridge on the zoarium surface. carinal a.

carinal latus (ARTHRO: Crustacea) The plate on each side of the carina of a lepadomorph barnacle.

carinal margin (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In thoracic barnacles, the edge of any plate adjacent to the carina, and occluding with the carinal margin of the opposed tergum.

carinate a. [L. carina, keel] 1. Ridged or keeled; furnished with raised lines or ridges. 2. Possessing a carina. 3. (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In Conchostraca, a valve bearing rib(s). see ratite.

cariniform a. [L. carina, keel; forma, shape] Keel-shaped; tropeic.

carinolateral n. [L. carina, keel; lateralis, of the side] (AR-THRO: Crustacea) One of a pair of compartmental plates of balanomorph barnacles, usually overlapping the carina on each side, with the radius on the carinal side and the ala on the lateral side; the carinal latus of lepadomorphs.

carious a. [L. caries, decay] Decayed; having surface depressions; corroded.

carminate, carminated a. [Ar. qirmiz, deep red] Mixed or stained with carmine.

carmine n. [Ar. qirmiz, deep red] A crimson dye derived from the cocineal insect Coccus cacti that is used as a histological stain.

carneous a. [L. carnosus, fleshy] Resembling flesh in color or substance.

carnivore n. [L. carnis, flesh; vorare, to devour] A flesh eater, i.e., an animal preying on other animals or feeding on their flesh.

carnivorous a. [L. carnis, flesh; vorare, to devour] Eating or living on flesh or other animals.

carnosan n. [L. carnis, flesh] (bryo) Those autozooids budded directly from other autozooids, or alternate with other groups of kenozooids.

carnose a. [L. carnosus, fleshy] Pertaining to a soft, fleshy substance.

Carolinian Faunal Area The humid division of the Upper Austral zone, including much of the eastern United States from southern New England to Georgia, and extending west to the 100th meridian.

carotene, carotin n. [L. carota, carrot] An important hydrocarbon pigment in plants and animals; -carotene, C40 H56 , also known as provitamin A. carotenoid a.

carotenophore n. [L. carota, carrot; Gr. phorein, to bear] A pigmented stigma or eye-spot.

carotin see carotene

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