Chisels see lacinia

chitin n. [Gr. chiton, tunic] A linear polysaccharide that consists predominately, or perhaps entirely, of -linked -acetyl-D-glucosamine residues found in the exoskeleton of arthropods, nematode eggshells, annelid cuticle, thecate hy-droids, and also in some plants, especially fungi.

chitinase n. [Gr. chiton, tunic; -asis, denoting enzymes] An enzyme, or family of enzymes capable of decomposing chitin; found in molting fluid and as a secretion from chitino-vores.

chitinization n. [Gr. chiton, tunic; izein, cause to be] The process of depositing chitin, or being chitinized. chitinized a.

chitinogenous a. [Gr. chiton, tunic; gennaein, to produce] (ARTHRO) Pertaining to epidermal cells that secrete the chitin.

chitinophilus a. [Gr. chiton, tunic; philos, loving] Pertaining to micro-organisms found in association with chitin and thought to derive nourishment from it. see chitinovore.

chitinous a. [Gr. chiton, tunic] (ARTHRO) Composed of or resembling chitin, a colorless, hard amorphous compound; seen as the principal constituent of the hard covering of insects and crustaceans, the horny material as in the ligament of bivalve mollusks, the internal shell remnant of the squids and the horny operculum of many gastropods.

chitinous cradle (ARTHRO: Insecta) Chitinized arms or bars that form the endoskeleton of the head of scale insects.

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