Coenogenous see cenogenous

coenogony n. [Gr. koinos, common; gone, generation] Reproduction involving coenocytes.

coenosarc n. [Gr. koinos, common; sarx, flesh] (CNID: Hydro-zoa) The hollow living tubes of the upright branching individuals of a colony. see stolon, perisarc.

coenosite n. [Gr. koinos, common; sitos, food] A free or separable commensal organism.

coenospecies n. [Gr. koinos, common; L. species, kind] Collectively, those related species or ecospecies that can intercross to form hybrids that are sometimes fertile.

coenosteum n.; pl. -tea [Gr. koinos, common; osteon, bone] 1. (CNID: Hydrozoa) The calcareous mass forming the skeleton of a compound coral. 2. (PORIF: Sclerospongiae) The basal skeleton of a stromatoporoid sponge.

coenotrope n. [Gr. koinos, common; trope, turn] A form of behavior common to a group or species.

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