Coldblooded see poikilothermal

cold-light Light emitted by bioluminescent organisms; envolv-ing relatively little heat.

coleopteroid a. [Gr. koleos, sheath; pteron, wing] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Pertaining to the Coleoptera; beetlelike.

coleoptery n. (ARTHRO: Insecta) In some Hemiptera, the co-rium and membrane of the hemeletron are not well differentiated, with the hemeletron appearing like a beetle's elytron.

coliform a. [L. colum, sieve; forma, shape] Sieve-like, cribriform.

collabral a. [L. collare, band for the neck; labrum, lip] (MOLL: Gastropoda) Shells with the growth lines conforming to the shape of the outer lip.

collagen n. [Gr. kolla, glue; L. genos, to produce] Fibrous protein material in connective tissues binding together many cells and tissues; relatively inelastic.

collagenase n. [Gr. kolla, glue; genos, to produce; -asis, de noting enzymes] A proteolytic digestive enzyme.

collar n. [L. collare, band for the neck] 1. Any of various structures comparable with a collar. 2. (ANN: Polychaeta) Specially developed outgrowths carried on the first thoracic segment of certain worms that function in tube-building in association with calcium-secreting glands. 3. (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) In Acari, a circular line or ridge at the place of epiostracal attachment of setae, ungues, and rutellum. 4. (ARTHRO: Insecta) Between the head and thorax. a. The neck in Hymenoptera. b. In Diptera, the neck; the prothorax; sclerites attached to the prothorax or its processes. c. In Coleoptera, the prothorax. d. In Lepidoptera, the sclerites attached to the prothorax, shielding the neck. e. In Heteroptera, the anterior constricted part of the prono-tum, usually set off by a groove. 5. (BRYO: Gymnolaemata) In Ctenostomata zooids, a pleated membranous structure attached to the diaphragm. 6. (CNID: Anthozoa) The scapus of sea anemones, standing up as a prominent fold, before joining the capitulum; the parapet. 7. (PORIF) Monaxons that project obliquely upwards from the pinacoderm.

collar cell A choanocyte.

collare n. [L. collare, band for the neck] The more or less elevated posterior part of the collum.

collarette n. [L. dim. collare, band for the neck] 1. (CHAETO) Thickened distended cells in the neck region that in some species extend posteriorly along the trunk for some distance; in one instance as far as the lateral fins. 2. (NEMATA) Either anterior or posterior cuticular extensions forming an annular ring in the neck region.

collateral a. [L. cum, with; latera, sides] A subsidiary; indirect; a lateral branch of an axon.

collateral intestine (echi) A tube associated with the midgut.

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