Collaterial see colleterial glands

collatoria n. [Gr. kolla, glue; -toria, derived Latin for appropriate place] The duct of the colleterial gland.

collecting basket (ARTHRO: Insecta) Hairs, bristles or spines on the forelegs that function in collecting or holding food while consuming it.

collenchyma, collenchyme n. [Gr. kolla, glue; NL. enchyma, type of cell tissue] Mesenchyme when there is a great deal or large amounts of gelatinous intercellular material and cells are relatively few in number.

collencyte n. [Gr. kolla, glue; en, in; kytos, container] (PORIF) A mobile cell responsible for collagen secretions.

colleterial glands, colletric glands, sebific glands 1. (ar-THRO: Crustacea) Single or paired glands of certain females or hermaphrodites that produce a sticky substance for binding eggs together. 2. (ARTHRO: Insecta) Paired glands of females that secrete a substance to cement eggs together or to the substratum, or to provide a material for the egg capsule or ootheca.

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