Coneshaped see cyrtoconic

conferted a. [L. confertus, pressed together] Densely assembled or packed; crowded.

confluent a. [L. confluere, flowing together] Flowing together; merging; running together as confluent spots without marked lines of distinction.

confluent budding zone (BRYO: Stenolaemata) Coelomic budding space and surrounding exterior walls connecting body cavities of buds or combinations of buds and zooids.

confluent multizooidal budding zone (BRYO: Stenolaemata) Confluent budding zone that originates outside of the zo-oidal boundaries opposite the endozone.

confluent zooidal budding zone (BRYO: Stenolaemata) A confluent budding zone originating within the outer coelomic space of zooids opposite exozone; in some taxa, opposite distal endozone.

congeneric a. [L. congener, of same race] 1. A term applied to species of the same genus. 2. Belonging to the same kind, class, or stock.

congenetic a. [L. cum, together; Gr. genesis, beginning] Having the same origin.

congenital a. [L. cum, together; gignere, to beget] Of or pertaining to a condition present at birth.

congenital disease A disease present in an animal at birth; not necessarily inherited.

congested a. [L. congestus, heap together] Overcrowded; distended.

congestin n. [L. congestus, heap together] (CNID: Anthozoa) The toxin of sea anemone tentacles.

conglobate a. [L. cum, together; globatus, make into a ball] Gathered together into a ball or rounded structure; spherical.

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