Corona ciliata see ciliary loop

coronal a. [L. corona, crown] (PORIF) Referring to being located on the rim of an oscule.

coronal disc (ROTIF) The ciliary wreath on the anterior part of the head region.

coronal suture (or branch) (ARTHRO: Insecta) A longitudinal suture occurring along the midline of the vertex, between the compound eyes; the stem of the Y-shaped epicranial suture; the metopic suture.

coronal systebm (ECHINOD: Echinoidea) In sea urchins, plates forming the wall of the test.

corona radiata (NEMATA: Secernentea) In Strongylida, a series of leaf-like or fringe-like structures encircling/bordering the labial region; the internal and external or outer leaf crown of some authors.

coronary a. [L. corona, crown] Crown-shaped or crownlike; encircling.

coronate a. [L. corona, crown] Having a crown, corona or similar structure.

coronate egg (ARTHRO: Insecta) An egg with the upper end surrounded by a circlet of spines or comparable structures.

coronet n. [L. dim. corona, crown] A small or inferior corona or crown.

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