Corpus scolopale see scolopale

correlated characters Features or qualities associated either as manifestations of a well-integrated ancestral gene complex, or because they are functionally correlated.

correlated response A change in one character (phenotype) occurring as an incidental consequence of selection for a seemingly independent character, such as reduced fertility resulting from selection for high bristle number in pomace or vinegar flies ( Drosophila ).

correlation n. [LL. correlatio, relationship] 1. The act or process of correlating. 2. The degree to which statistical variables measure the association of two or more variables. a. Correlation coefficient (r) has a value from zero to -1 or + 1.

corridor n. [L. currere, to run] A gallery or passageway made by an animal.

corrode v. [L. corrodere, to gnaw to pieces] To consume or wear away.

corrugate a. [L. corrugare, to wrinkle] Wrinkled; contracted into alternate ridges and furrows.

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