Corselet see prothorax

cortex n.; pl. cortices [L. cortex, bark] 1. The outermost covering layer of a structure. cortical a. 2. (PORIF) The ecto-some when thick and gelatinous or fibrous, or packed with spicules of a special type.

cortical layer 1. (ARTHRO: Insecta) A region at the surface of the egg devoid of yolk. 2. (nemata) see epicuticle, exocuticle, mesocuticle, endocuticle.

corticate a. [L. cortex, bark] Having a special cortex, or external layer.

corticiform a. [L. cortex, bark; forma, shape] Sculptured or textured like bark.

corticolous a. [L. cortex, bark; colere, to dwell] Living in or on the bark of plants.

coruscant a. [L. coruscare, to flash] Rapid intermittent flashing or gleaming, as of fireflies.

corvinus a. [L. corvus, crow] Deep, shining black.

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