Coterminous see conterminous

cotyla, cotyle n. [Gr. kotyle, a cup] A cuplike cavity or organ; an acetabulum.

cotyliform, cotyloid a. [Gr. kotyle, a cup; L. forma, shape] Cup-shaped.

cotylocercous cercariae (PLATY: Trematoda) Larval marine trematodes with tails that are broad, short, with cupshaped suckers, functioning as adhesive organs.

cotylocidium n. [Gr. kotyle, cup; L. caedere, to cut] (PLATY: Trematoda) Larvae of Aspidogastridea with tufts of cilia for swimming and a posterior ventral sucker without alveoli or hooks.

cotyloid cavity (ARTHRO: Insecta) The acetabulum or coxal cavity.

cotype Formerly used for syntype or paratype.

counterevolution n. [L. contra, against; evolutus, unrolled] Development of traits in a population in response to exploitation, competition, or other detrimental interaction with another population. see coevolution.

countershading n. [L. contra, against; A.S. sceadu, shade] In camouflaging, an animal being dark dorsally and pale ven-trally and therefore appearing evenly colored and inconspicuous.

coupling n. [L. copulare, to join] Bringing or coming together; linking; specifically sexual union.

court n. [L. cohors, enclosed space] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In bees, an assemblage of workers that form a circle around a queen, antennating, licking and sometimes feeding her.

courtship n. The behaviour pattern in animals prior to copulation between members of the same species, different sexes, that facilitates a receptive condition.

covariation n. [L. con, with; varius, diverse] Coincident variation; correlation.

cowled a. [L. cucullus, hood] Shaped like a hood; hooded.

coxa n.; pl. -ae [L. coxa, hip] (ARTHRO) 1. The first or proximal segment of a leg that articulates basally with the wall of the thorax. 2. In Crustacea, the segment of an appendage adjoining the body sternite, except in forms having a pre-coxa; coxopodite. coxal a.

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