Crustaformeria see columella

cryophilic a. [Gr. kryos, icy cold; philios, loving] Adapted for living at a low temperature.

crypsis n. [Gr. kryptos, hidden] An aspect of the appearance of organisms whereby they avoid detection by others; camouflage.

crypt n. [Gr. kryptos, hidden] A pitlike depression; follicle;

cavity; simple gland or tube.

cryptic a. [Gr. kryptos, hidden] 1. Concealing; stillness; silence; death-feigning; protective coloration. 2. A form of polymorphism controlled by recessive genes. crypsis n.

cryptic color Sematic or protective coloration, designed to blend an animal with its background. see anticryptic color.

cryptic species A species in which the diagnostic characters are not easily perceived and that do not hybridize under normal conditions; a sibling species.

cryptobiosis n. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; bios, life] 1. Living in a concealed or secluded environment. 2. A term used to describe an organism that shows no visible signs of life, with metabolic activity brought to a reversible standstill.

cryptocephalic pupa (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Diptera, a pupal stage after the larval-pupal apolysis in which marked changes of form appear through evagination of the head without molting, then proceeds to a phanerocephalic pupa.

cryptocyst n. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; kystis, bladder] (BRYO: Gymnolaemata) 1. One of the two basic wall morphologies of bryozoans consisting of wholly interior walls, leaving a superficial hypostegal coelom uniting contiguous zooids. see gymnocyst. 2. A calcareous plate that functions as a hydrostatic organ in Cheilostomata. cryptocystal a.

cryptocystidean n. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; kystis, bladder] (BRYO) Autozooids of anascan or ascophoran cheilostomates bearing frontal shields (cryptocysts) formed by calcification of the internal body walls grown into body cavities subparallel to and beneath the frontal walls.

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