Cryptodicyclic see pseudomonocyclic

cryptodont shell (MOLL: Bivalvia) In some groups of early origin, refers to lack of hinge teeth. see ctenodont shell.

cryptogastra a. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; gaster, stomach] Having the venter or belly covered or concealed. see gymnogas-tra.

cryptogene a. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; genos, beginning] Of unknown descent.

cryptogram n. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; gramma, written character] Method that expresses in a standard code form a collection of data used in classification.

cryptogyne n. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; gyne, female] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In ants, having queens that are indistinguishable from the workers.

cryptomphalous a. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; omphalos, navel] (MOLL: Gastropoda) Having the opening of the umbilicus of a shell completely plugged.

cryptonephridial tubes Malpighian tubules with distal ends closely associated with the rectum and forming a convoluted layer over its surface.

cryptoneurous a. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; neuron, nerve] Having no distinct nervous system.

cryptoniscus n. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; oniskos, sowbug] (ARTHRO: Crustacea) An intermediate, planktonic larval stage of epicaridean isopods with pereopods modified as holdfasts, that is seeking a permanent host; stage after epicaridium.

cryptopentamera a. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; pente, five; meros, part] Pertaining to 5-jointed feet, with the 4th joint small and inconspicuous. see cryptotetramera.

cryptopleuron a. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; pleuron, rib] (ARTHRO: Insecta) A condition in which the pronotum covers a large part of the propleuron.

cryptorhesis n. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; rheos, flow] The process of internal secretion.

cryptosolenial a. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; solen, channel] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In certain Coleoptera, the area of attachment of the Malpighian tubules with the hind-gut.

cryptotetramera a. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; tetra, four; meros, part] Pertaining to 4-jointed feet with one joint small and inconspicuous. see cryptopentamera.

cryptothorax n. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; thorax, breastplate] (ARTHRO: Insecta) An assumed thoracic ring between the meso- and metathorax.

cryptotoxic a. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; toxikon, poison] (ARTHRO:

Insecta) Pertaining to caterpillars that use volatile secretions that are released through an emission tube. see eru-cism, paraerucism, phanerotoxic, lepidopterism.

Cryptozoa n. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; zoon, animal] An ecological group of cryptozoic terrestrial animals living in leaf litter, under twigs and pieces of bark and stone.

cryptozoic a. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; zoon, animal] Living in concealment.

cryptozoite n. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; zoon, animal] A stage of the malarial organism arising from the injected sporozoite that is found living in tissues before entering the blood; a preerythrocytic schizont of Plasmodium spp.

cryptozone n. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; zone, girdle] (ECHINOD: Asteroidea) The marginal plates of starfish that are not clearly distinct.

Cryptozoology n. [Gr. kryptos, hidden; zoon, animal; logos, discourse] The study of the Cryptozoa.

crystal cell 1. (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Drosophila larvae, a type of hemocyte (possibly an oenocytoid) that contains tyrosinase. 2. (ECHINOD) Coelomocytes containing rhomboid crystals.

crystalline a. [Gr. krystallos, rock crystal] Appearing transparent like crystal.

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