Crystalline body see crystalline cone

crystalline cone (ARTHRO: Insecta) The hard, clear intracellular structure of the eucone eye, produced by Semper cells beneath the cornea and bordered laterally by the primary pigment cells; also known as vitreous body or crystalline body. see acone eye, pseudocone eye, eucone eye, exocone eye.

crystalline style (MOLL: Gastropoda/Bivalvia) A translucent cylindrical rod in the style sac of the stomach, whirled on its axis by ciliary movement, releasing carbohydrate digesting enzymes.

crystalline tract (ARTHRO: Insecta) 1. In beetles with exocone eyes, a strand formed by the Semper cells across the clear zone to the rhabdon. 2. In skipper butterflies and some ditrysian moths (Bombycoidea), a strand formed by the retinula cells.

C-shaped Semi-circular or cresent shape; U-shaped.

ctene n. [Gr. kteis, comb] (CTENO) The swimming plate; the row of ctenes is a costa; a comb-rib.

ctenidium n.; pl. -nida [Gr. dim. kteis, comb] 1. (ARTHRO: In-secta) a. A series of stout, peg-like spines on the head (genal ctenidium) and first thoracic tergite (pronotal ctenidium) of many fleas. b. A row of comblike bristles on the hind tarsus of Psocoptera. 2. (CTENO/MOLL) A respiratory gill-comb. see gill.

cteniform a. [Gr. kteis, comb; L. forma, shape] Comb-shaped.

ctenocyst n. [Gr. kteis, comb; kystis, bladder] (CTENO) An aboral sense organ; the apical organ; the balancing organ.

ctenodont shell (MOLL: Bivalvia) In some groups of early origin having hinges with many teeth transverse to the margin. see cryptodont shell.

ctenoid a. [Gr. kteis, comb; eidos, form] Comblike; having a margin of small teeth.

ctenolium n. [Gr. dim. kteis, comb] (MOLL: Bivalvia) In some Pectinacea, a comblike row of small teeth on the lower side of the byssal notch.

Ctenophora, ctenophores n., [Gr. kteis, comb; phoreus, bearer] A phylum of marine coelenterates commonly called sea walnuts or comb jellies, that are free swimming and biradially symmetrical with 8 rows of fused ciliary plates (combs or ctenes) at some stage of their life.

ctenopod n. [Gr. kteis, comb; pous, foot] (ARTHRO: Crustacea) An appendage (cirrus) of barnacles with long paired setae on segments of lesser curvature and a few setae distally on each articulation of greater curvature; like a comb. see acanthopod, lasiopod.

ctenose a. [Gr. kteis, comb] Comblike.

Ctetology n. [Gr. ktetos, that may be had; logos, discourse] That aspect of biology concerned with acquired characters.

cubical a. [L. cubus, cube] Cube-shaped.

cubital a. [L. cubitum, elbow] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Pertaining to the cubitus of a wing.

cubital area (ARTHRO: Insecta) In a wing, the area between the two branches of the cubitus and is associated proxi-mally with the distal median plate of the wing base.

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