Cuilleron see alula

cuirass n.; pl. cuirasses [F. cuirasse, leather breastplate] A protective covering, such as cuticle, plates, scales or shells.

culmen n. [L. culmen, summit] (ARTHRO: Insecta) The carina of a caterpillar.

culmicolous a. [L. culmus, stalk; colere, to dwell] Living on grasses.

cultellate a. [L. cultellus, knife] Knife-like in appearance.

cultellus n.; pl. -li [L. cultellus, knife] 1. A sharp knife-like organ. 2. (ARTHRO: Insecta) a. The blade-like lancets of certain blood-sucking flies. b. Has been used for mandibles.

cultrate a. [L. cultratus, knife-shaped] Shaped like a pruning knife; cultriform.

culture n. [L. cultus, cultivated] The cultivation of micro-organisms or tissues in a prepared nutrient media.

culus n. [L. culus, fundament] The anus.

cumulate v.; -lated [L. cumulatus, heap up] To accumulate in groups or heaps.

cumulus n.; pl. -li [L. cumulus, heap] An accumulation; a group or heap.

cuneate a. [L. cuneatus, wedge-shaped] Wedge-shaped; cuneiform.

cuneus n. [L. cuneus, wedge] 1. (ARTHRO: Insecta) A terminal, more or less triangular segment of the corium of the fore wing. 2. (NEMATA) The ventral arm of the gubernaculum.

cup n. [A.S. cuppe, cup] Any structure resembling a cup.

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