Cupola organ see sensillum campaniformium

cupreous a. [L. cupreus, of copper] Copper colored, coppery.

cup shaped Cupuliform; cyathiform.

cupula n.; pl. -ae [L. dim. cupula, tub] (MOLL: Cephalopoda) The functional unit of the sensory nerves of the cristae in dibranchiates.

cupulate a. [L. dim. cupula, tub] Cup-shaped; bearing a cupule.

cupule n. [L. dim. cupula, tub] A small sucker or acetabulum of various invertebrates.

cupuliform a. [L. cupula, tub; forma, shape] Cup-shaped; cy-athiform.

curculionids [L. curculio, weevil] (ARTHRO: Insecta) U- or C-shaped larvae with a distinct head, robust body and lacking legs; adults with chewing mouthparts at the end of a snout.

cursipeds [L. cursor, runner; pes, foot] (ARTHRO: Chilo-poda) In the order Lithobiida, ambulatory legs of the first to 13 pairs used for locomotion.

cursoria n. [L. cursorius, of running] (ARTHRO: Insecta) An orthopteran group of insects with legs well formed for rapid movement.

cursorial a. [L. cursorius, of running] Fitted or adapted for running.

curvate a. [L. curvatus, bend] Curved.

curvinervate a. [L. curvus, bent; nervus, nerve] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Having wing veins distinctly curved.

cusp n. [L. cuspis, point] A prominence or point, esp. on the crown of a tooth; a denticle. cuspate, cuspidal a.

cuspidate a. [L. cuspidatus, pointed] Terminating in a sharp point, as bristles or mollusk shells.

cuspidoblast cells (moll) Special cells that secrete teeth.

cuspis n. [L. cuspis, point] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Hymenoptera, an immovable process projecting from the free distal end of the volsellar plate. see digitus.

custodite a. [L. custodis, guardian] Guarded, as an enclosed larva.

cutaneous a. [L. cutis, skin] Pertaining to or of the nature of skin.

cuticle, cuticula n. [L. dim. cutis, skin] The noncellular external layer of the body wall of various invertebrates.

cuticular a. [L. dim. cutis, skin] Of or pertaining to the cuticle.

cuticular colors (ARTHRO: Insecta) Pertaining to the black and brown colors usually resulting from the color of the cuticle, along with other pigments occurring in the epidermal cells or internal tissues.

cuticularization n. [L. dim. cutis, skin] To form into cuticle.

cuticular layering Structural strata within the cuticle of invertebrates.

cuticular ornamentation A mark or sculpture of any type on the cuticle of an animal.

cuticular pores Minute pores opening at the surface of the cuticle.

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