Cyrenoid type see corbiculoid teeth

cyrtoconic a. [Gr. kyrtos, curved; konos, cone] Cone-shaped.

cyrtoconoid a. [Gr. kyrtos, curved; konos, cone; eidos, like] Approaching a cone in shape, but with convex sides. see conoid, coeloconoid.

cyrtocyte n. [Gr. kyrtos, curved; kytos, container] Pro-tonephridial system with a fenestrated area in the basal part of the nephridial canal in many groups of invertebrates.

cyrtopia n. [Gr. kyrtos, curved; ops, eye] (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In Euphausiacea, the fifth larval stage in which the antenna becomes modified and ceases to serve in locomotion and posterior legs and gills appear.

cyst n. [Gr. kystis, bladder] 1. A small sac, capsule or bladderlike structure. 2. A protective covering formed about an organism during unfavorable conditions or reproduction. 3. (NEMATA: Secernentea) The tanned cuticle of certain mature female nematodes (Heterodera or Globodera) in which eggs are retained.

cystacanth n. [Gr. kystis, bladder; akantha, thorn] (ACANTHO) A juvenile having all adult structures, except the reproductive system is immature; proceeds to a quiescent state in an arthropod intermediate host; adulthood is reached when ingested by the definitive vertebrate host.

cystenchyma n. [Gr. kystis, bladder; en in; kyma, swollen] A parenchyma with large vesicular cell structure.

cystencyte n. [Gr. kystis, bladder; en, in; kytos, container] (PORIF) A polysaccharide-secreting cell in fresh-water sponges with contents enclosed in a single vesicle.

cystic a. [Gr. kystis, bladder] Contained in a gall or cyst.

cysticercaria cercaria (PLATY: Trematoda) In Azygiidae, a large cercaria of the cystophorous type, with a short flat tail ending in a pair of flat clapper-like appendages (ferco-cystocercous).

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