Cysticerci pl of cysticercus

cysticercoid a. [Gr. kystis, bladder; kerkos, tail; eidos, form] (PLATY: Cestoda) A tapeworm cyclophyllidean metacestode developing from an oncosphere that has penetrated the gut of an intermediate host; it usually has a "tail" and a well-formed scolex that is not invaginated. see cysticercus.

cysticercosis n. [Gr. kystis, bladder; -osis, suff. denoting disease] An infection with one or more cysticerci.

cysticercus n.; pl. -cerci [Gr. kystis, bladder; kerkos, tail] (PLATY: Cestoda) A tapeworm metacestode with an introverted, invaginated scolex that forms on a germinative membrane enclosing a fluid-filled bladder; a bladder worm; proscolex. see coenurus, hydatid.

cystid n. [Gr. kystis, bladder] (BRYO) The external wall of a zo-oid.

cystidean larva (ECHINOD: Crinoidea) A larval stage in which the stalk appears, but the arms are not yet present.

cystiphragm n. [Gr. kystis, bladder; phragma, fence] (BRYO) The lateral skeletal partition curving from the zooecial wall into the chamber.

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