Cytocinesis see cytokinesis

cytoclesis n. [Gr. kytos, container; klesis, summons] A cell group that influences the development or differentiation of surrounding cells; cytobiotaxis. see organizer.

cytococcus n.; pl. -cocci [Gr. kytos, container; kokkos, seed] The nucleus of a cytula.

cytogamy n. [Gr. kytos, container; gamos, marriage] Cell fusion or conjugation.

cytogenetics n. [Gr. kytos, container; genesis, beginning] The comparative study of chromosomal mechanisms and behavior in populations and taxa, and their effect on inheritance and evolution.

cytogony n. [Gr. kytos, container; gonos, progeny] Reproduction by single cells.

cytokinesis n. [Gr. kytos, container; kinesis, movement] The changes occurring in the protoplasm of the cell outside of the nucleus during cell-division.

cytolemma n. [Gr. kytos, container; lemma, skin] Plasma membrane.

cytology n. [Gr. kytos, container; logos, discourse] The study of the structure and physiology of a cell.

cytolysis n. [Gr. kytos, container; lysein, to dissolve] Cell dissolution or degeneration.

cytomembrane n. [Gr. kytos, container; L. membrana, skin]

The basic unit of the membrane system of a cell; unit membrane.

cytomorphosis n. [Gr. kytos, container; morphe, form] All changes in cells or generations of cells from undifferenti-ated stage to death; cellular change.

cytopempsis n. [Gr. kytos, container; pempsis, mission] Passage into, through and from a cell or capillary by a particle.

cytophagy n. [Gr. kytos, container; phagein, to eat] Cells feeding on cells.

cytoplasm n. [Gr. kytos, container; plasma, formed or molded] The protoplasm of a cell excluding the nucleus, usually a slightly viscous fluid with inclusions suspended in it; the site of the chemical activities of the cell.

cytoplasmic factor A genetic factor in the cytoplasm.

cytoplasmic inheritance Inheritance of characters whose determinants are not located on the chromosomes.

cytosis n. [Gr. kytos, container] Non-specific cellular ingestion or egestion processes by pinocytosis or phagocytosis.

cytosol n. [Gr. kytos, container; solvere, to set free] Ground protoplasm of the cell exclusive of organelles or other particles.

cytosome n. [Gr. kytos, container; soma, body] A non-specific name for membrane bound polymorphous bodies in the cell cytosol.

cytostatic a. [Gr. kytos, container; statikos, standing] Any agent that inhibits cell growth and multiplication.

cytotaxonomy n. [Gr. kytos, container; taxis, arrangement; nomos, law] A method of taxonomy based on size, shape and number of chromosomes in somatic cells. see taxonomy.

cytotoxin n. [Gr. kytos, container; toxikon, poison] Cell poison.

cytula n. [Gr. dim. kytos, container] The fertilized egg cell or parent cell.

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