Dendritic see dendroid

dendritic flame cells (ACANTHO) Central canal from which many smaller canals separate and end in pouches containing cilia.

dendritic thickening (BRYO) Extreme skeletal thickening along axes of colony branches.

dendrobranch(ia) n. [Gr. dendron, tree; branchia, gills] (AR-THRO: Crustacea) A type of gill with lamellae divided into arborescent bundles.

dendrogram n. [Gr. dendron, tree; gramma, written character] Any branching, tree-like diagram designed to indicate degrees of relationship.

dendroid a. [Gr. dendron, tree; eidos, form] 1. Shrub-shaped; shaped like a small tree; dendriform. 2. (BRYO) A solid ramose colony. 3. (PORIF) A sponge skeleton branching repetitively with little or no anastomosis between successive branches.

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