Desyndesis see desynapsis

determinant n. [L. de, away from; terminus, limit] A hypothetical unit of inheritance.

determinate a. [L. de, away from; terminus, limit] Having well-defined outlines or boundry limits.

determination n. [L. de, away from; terminus, limit] A process that initiates a specific pathway of development among those that are available to the cell or embryo.

detorsion n. [L. de, away from; torquere, to twist] 1. The process of twisting back or removing torsion; unwinding. 2. (MOLL: Gastropoda) A term used to describe the reversal of torsion. see orthoneury, torsion.

detoxification, detoxication n. [L. de, away from; toxicum, poison] Removal of toxic materials by metabolizing them.

detriophagous a. [L. detritus, worn away; Gr. phagein, to eat]

Feeding on detritus.

detritivore n. [L. detritus, worn away; vorare, to devour] Any organism that feeds on detritus. detritivorous a.

detritus n. [L. detritus, worn away] An aggregate of fragmentary material, such as decomposing parts of plants and animals.

detrorse a. [L. de, away from; versus, turn] Directed downward. see antrorse, retrorse.

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