Deutosternum see subcapitular gutter

deutovum n. [Gr. deuteros, second; L. ovum, egg] (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) a. The resting, incompletely developed stage following the shedding of the chorion of the egg of mites and spiders. b. A prelarva. c. The second egg.

development n. [F. developper, to unfold] The progressive production of the phenotypic characteristics of an organism.

developmental cycle (ARTHRO: Insecta) The period between the laying of an egg and eclosion of the adult from the pupal case.

developmental homeostasis The ability to produce a normal phenotype in spite of developmental or environmental disturbances.

deviate n. [L. de, away from; via, way] Any animal which differs from corresponding developmental stages of others of the same species.

devolution n. [L. de, away from; evolvere, to unroll] Retrograde development; degeneration.

De Vriesianism Hypothesis that evolution in general, and speciation in particular, are the results of drastic mutation. see saltation.

dexiotorma n.; pl. -mae [Gr. dexios, on the right; torma, socket] (ARTHRO: Insecta) 1. A small sclerotic ring of scarabaeoid larvae, extending inward from the epipharynx, occasionally bearing a heel-shaped pternotorma. 2. The right torma.

dexiotropic a. [Gr. dexios, on the right; trope, turn] A right turning spiral, as in shells.

dextral a. [L. dexter, right] Right-handed; to the right of the median line.

dextral gastropods (MOLL) A gastropod with genitalia on the right side of the head-foot mass or pallial cavity; commonly the shell, when viewed with the apex uppermost, has the aperture on the right. see sinistral gastropods.

dextron a. [L. dexter, right] Pertaining to the right side of the body.

dextrorse a. [L. dexter, right; vertere, to twist] An organism spirally twisting to the right. see sinistrorse.

diacresis see diaeresis diactinal a. [Gr. dis, twice; aktis, ray] Being pointed at both ends.

diactinal monaxon (PORIF) A monaxon that develops by growing in both directions, while originating from a central point; diactine; rhabdus.

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