Discoidal triangle see triangle

discoidal vein (ARTHRO: Insecta) 1. In Hymenoptera, the vein forming a continuation of the median vein beyond the end of the transverse median vein, and extending along the posterior margin of the first discoidal cell. 2. In Orthoptera, the first and largest branch of the humeral vein. 3. In Diptera, the media 2 . 4. The anterior intercalary vein.

discolor, discolour n. [L. discolor, of different colors] Change of color; more than one color.

discontinued varices (MOLL: Gastropoda) Varices of shell formation when revolution is not in a straight line with those of the next.

discontinuous variation Phenotypic variation in an animal population in which the characters do not grade into each other; qualitative inheritance. see continuous variation.

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