Distacalypteron see antisquama

distad adv. [L. distare, to stand apart] Away from the body, or from point of attachment; toward the end farthest from the body.

distadentes n.pl. [L. distare, to stand apart; dentis, tooth] The dentes distad on the mandible.

distal a. [L. distare, to stand apart] Pertaining to any part of a structure farthest from midline of the body or base of attachment; opposed to proximal.

distal bud (BRYO: Gymnolaemata) The bud arising from the distal side of the vertical wall of the parent zooid. see basal bud.

distal cell (ARTHRO: Insecta) The cell bounded by the branches of the crossveins in a wing.

distalia n.pl. [L. distare, to stand apart] (ARTHRO: Insecta) The segments of an antenna excluding the scape and pedicel.

distal process The peripheral process of a sensory nerve cell.

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