Distal tubes see marginal tubes

distich n. [Gr. distichos, of two rows] 1. Two vertical rows; two ranked. 2. (NEMATA: Adenophorea) In Mermithida, the sti-chosome esophagus with a row of gland cells on either side of the esophagus and external to it; diplostichous. distichous a. see monostich, stichosome.

distichous antennae (ARTHRO: Insecta) Pectinate antennae with processes issuing from each joint and bending forward at acute angles.

distiproboscis n. [L. distare, to stand apart; proboscis, trunk] The enlarged distal portion of a proboscis.

dististipes n. [L. distare, to stand apart; stipes, stock] (ARTHRO) The distal part of the maxillary stipes.

dististylus n.; pl. -li [L. distare, to stand apart; Gr. stylos, pillar] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Culicidae, the distal segment of the gonopods; clasp filament.

distome n. [Gr. dis, double; stoma, mouth] (PLATY: Trema-toda) A fluke with an oral and ventral sucker.

distribution n. [L. distributus, allot, divide] Range of an organism or group of organisms in space and time.

ditaxic foot (MOLL: Gastropoda) Foot of Pomatiasidae, divided by a transverse sulcus (groove-furrow) at about its anterior third.

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