Ear see auricle

eaves n.pl. [A.S. efes, lower border of a roof] (MOLL: Polypla-cophora) Portions of the tegmentum just over the line where the insertion plates and the sutural laminae project.

eave tissue (MOLL: Polyplacophora) Composition of the shell that forms the eaves; either porcelaneous or riddled with microscopic tubules (spongy).

eburnean a. [L. eburneus, ivory] Made of, or like ivory; ivory white.

ecalcarate a. [Gr. ek, out of; L. calcar, spur] Lacking spurs or calcaria.

ecarinate a. [Gr. ek, out of; L. carina, keel] Without a keel or carina.

ecaudate a. [Gr. ek, out of; L. cauda, tail] Lacking a cauda or tail-like process or structure; excaudate.

ecaudate wing (ARTHRO: Insecta) A wing lacking a tail-like process.

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