Ecium see zooecium

eclectic a. [Gr. eklektos, selected] Selecting from various systems, doctrines, or sources.

eclipsed antigen An antigen borne by a parasite that is common to both the host and the parasite, genetically of parasitic origin.

eclosion n. [F. eclosion, emerge] The act or process of emerging from the egg or pupal case; to eclose.

ecoclimate a. [Gr. oikos, house; klima, region] Total of meteorological factors within a habitat.

ecocline n. [Gr. oikos, house; klinein, to slope] Continuous gradient of characters in response to variation in ecological conditions.

ecogeographical rules The formulation of regularities in geographic variation of characters correlated with environmental conditions.

ecological isolation Interbreeding between two or more sym-patric populations is prevented by mating in different ecological niches. see geographic isolation/barriers isolate.

ecology n. [Gr. oikos, house; logos, discourse] The study of interrelationships among organisms themselves and their environment; bionomics; hexicology; mesology; poikology.

ecomorph n. [Gr. oikos, house; morphe, form] A growth form caused by a special environment; infraspecific variation. ecomorphic a.

economic density The number of individuals per unit of habitat space; also called specific density.

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