Endoblast see endoderm

endocardium n. [Gr. endon, within; kardia, heart] The membrane lining the inner surface of the heart.

endochorion n. [Gr. endon, within; chorion, membrane] The inner layer of the chorion of an egg shell. see exochorion.

endocoele, endocoel n. [Gr. endon, within; koilos, hollow]

(CNID: Anthozoa) 1. Situated on the inner-wall (visceral side) of the coelom. 2. Part of a gastrovascular cavity between paired mesentaries. endocoelar a. see exocoele.

endocommensal n. [Gr. endon, within; L. cum, with; mensa, table] A commensal symbiont that lives inside its host.

endocranium n. [Gr. endon, within; kranion, skull] The inner surface of the cranium.

endocrine glands Ductless glands which produce internal hormonal secretions that are released directly into the blood or hemolymph. see exocrine glands.

endocrinology n. [Gr. endon, within; krinein, to separate; logos, discourse] Study of endocrine glands and secretions and their various effects, e.g., molting, metamorphosis and oocyte production.

endocuticle, endocuticula n. [Gr. endon, within; L. dim. cutis, skin] The innermost softer, elastic layer of the cuticule.

endocyclic a. [Gr. endon, within; kyklos, circle] (ECHINOD: Echinoidea] Pertaining to a test with rounded profile, peristome and periproct central at the oral and aboral poles respectively; periproct encircled by apical system of plates.

endocyst n. [Gr. endon, within; kystis, bladder] (BRYO) A soft layer lining a zooid; used to include both epidermis and peritoneum or peritoneum alone.

endocytosis n. [Gr. endon, within; kytos, container] Ingestion of particulate matter or fluid by phagocytosis or pinocyto-sis.

endoderm n. [Gr. endon, within; derma, skin] 1. The innermost cell layer of the embryo forming the epithelium of the archenteron, endoblast, entoderm, and hypoblast. 2. (CNID) Layer of cells lining the gastrovascular cavity. 3. (porif) see pinacoderm.

endodyogeny n. [Gr. endon, within; dyas, two; genos, offspring] The formation of only two daughter cells surrounded by their own membrane, while still in the mother cell. see endopolyogeny.

endoenzymes n.pl. [Gr. endon, within; en, in; zyme, yeast] Intracellular enzymes.

endogamy n. [Gr. endon, within; gamos, marriage] Inbreeding; sexual reproduction in which mating partners are closely related. see exogamy, autogamy.

endogastric a. [Gr. endon, within; gaster, stomach] (MOLL: Gastropoda) Pertaining to the normal adult coiled so as to extend backward from the aperture over the extruded head-foot mass.

endogean a. [Gr. endon, within; gaia, the earth] 1. Interstitial soil dwellers. 2. (ANN: Oligochaeta) Earthworms dwelling within the soil. see epigean, hypogean.

endogenous a. [Gr. endon, within; genes, producing] Pertaining to development from within; internal origin. endogeny n. see exogenous.

endognath, endognathite n. [Gr. endon, within; gnathos, jaw] (ARTHRO: Crustacea) The endopod (inner and principal branch) of the maxilliped.

endolabium n. [Gr. endon, within; L. labium, lip] (ARTHRO) The inner surface of the labium; the well developed hypo-pharynx.

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