Entomolin see chitin

entomology n. [Gr. entomon, insect; logos, discourse] That branch of zoology dealing with insects.

entomoparasitic a. [Gr. entomon, insect; para, beside; sitos, food] Refers to insect parasites. see entomogenous, en-tomophilic, entomophagous.

entomophagous a. [Gr. entomon, insect; phagein, to eat] Insectivorous; the eating of insects or their parts.

entomophilic, entomophilous a. [Gr. entomon, insect; philos, loving] 1. Pertaining to associations between insects and plant microorganisms, protozoa, and nematodes. 2. Being pollinated by the agency of insects.

entomophobia n. [Gr. entomon, insect; phobos, fear] Having an abnormal fear of insects.

entomophyte, entophyte n. [Gr. entomon, insect; phyton, plant] A fungus living on or in the body of an insect. ento-mophytic a.

entomosis n. [Gr. entomon, insect; -osis suff. denoting a condition usually morbid] An insect borne disease.

Entomostraca, entomostracan n. [Gr. entomon, insect; os-trakon, shell] Formerly considered a single natural group of Crustacea including Brachiopoda, Ostracoda, Copepoda, Branchiura and Cirripeda which is no longer acceptable to systematists.

entomotaxy n. [Gr. entomon, insect; taxis, arrangement] The art of preserving and mounting insects.

emtomotomist n. [Gr. entomon, insect; temnein, to cut] A student of entomotomy.

entomotomy n. [Gr. entomon, insect; temnein, to cut] The art of insect dissection; dealing with internal structures of insects.

entomurochrome n. [Gr. entomon, insect; ouron, urine; chroma, color] (ARTHRO: Insecta) The color pigments of the urine of insects.

entoneural a. [Gr. entos, within; neuron, nerve] (ECHINOD) Pertaining to the aboral ring and nerves.

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