Exscutellate see escutellate

exserted a. [L. exsertus, projecting] Protruding or projecting from the body.

exsertile a. [L. exsertus, projecting] Capable of being exerted or extruded.

exsheath v. [L. ex, out of; A.S. sceath, case] To escape from the residual membrane (egg shell) of a previous developmental stage.

exsules n. [L. exule, exile] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In apterous Adelges on the secondary host, give rise parthenogeneti-cally to the neosistens form.

extend v. [L. ex, out of; tendere, to stretch] To spread or stretch out.

extensile a. [L. ex, out of; tendere, to stretch] Capable of being extended, stretched or spread.

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