External thickening see buttress

externomedial vein (ARTHRO: Insecta) 1. In Hymenoptera, the radius. 2. In Orthoptera, the media.

externomedian nerve (ARTHRO: Insecta) The humeral and discoidal veins collectively.

exteroceptors n.pl. [L. exterus, outside; capere, to take] Sense organs situated externally which respond to conditions in the external environment, as opposed to intero-ceptors.

extogenous see exogenous extra-axial skeleton (PORIF) Skeletal elements that surround or arise from an axial region.

extracellular a. [L. extra, outside; cellula, little cell] Pertains to being outside of the cell but within the organism.

extracellular digestion Digestion of food within a cavity of the digestive system.

extraconic a. [L. extra, outside; Gr. konos, cone] Almost conical, but with concave sides. see coeloconoid.

extracorporeal a. [L. extra, outside; corpus, body] Occurring outside of the body.

extracorporeal digestion A mode of feeding whereby some parasites and predators release esophageal or salivary secretions into the host or prey that predigests the internal contents of the host or prey.

extrados n. [L. extra, outside; F. dos, the back] The exterior curve of an arch. see intrados.

extraembryonic a. [L. extra, outside; Gr. embryon, fetus] Outside the body of the embryo.

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