Extraembryonic field see serosa

extraenteric a. [L. extra, outside; Gr. enteron, intestine] Outside the enteron.

extranidal a. [L. extra, outside; nidus, nest] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In social insects, outside the nest or hive.

extranuclear a. [L. extra, outside; nucleus, kernel] Structures or processes found outside the nucleus.

extraocular a. [L. extra, outside; oculus, eye] Away from or beyond the eyes.

extraoral a. [L. extra, outside; os, mouth] Away from or beyond the mouth.

extrapallial space (MOLL: Bivalvia) A narrow muscus-filled space between the mantle lobe and the valve of the shell.

extratentacular budding (CNID: Anthozoa) Development of new polyps of a zoantharian colony from the tissue between existing ones.

extratropical a. [L. extra, outside; tropicus, solstice] Outside of the tropics; not in the tropics.

extrazooidal a. [L. extra, outside; Gr. zoon, animal] (BRYO) A colony structure, protective or supportive in function, that remains outside zooidal boundries.

extremity n.; pl. -ties [L. extremus, outermost] The remotest part or point from the base.

extrinsic a. [L. extrorsus, in an outward direction] 1. Not in or a part of a body or congregation; external. 2. Environmental influences on a population. see intrinsic.

extrinsic articulation One in which the articulating surface of contact is outside of the skeletal parts. see intrinsic articulation.

extrinsic muscles Muscles which move an organ (leg, etc.), but that originate outside of it. see intrinsic muscles.

extrorse a. [Gr. extrorsus, in an outward direction] Turning or facing outwards; toward the outside. see introrse.

extrude v. [L. ex, out of; trusus, thrust] To turn; to force out. extrusion n.

exudate n. [L. exsudo, discharge by sweating] Any flow from the body or organ through pores or openings by natural discharge.

exudatoria n. [L. exsudo, discharge by sweating] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Finger-like appendages of certain larvae of ants and termites that produce secretions attractive to the workers.

exude v. [L. exsudo, discharge by sweating] To ooze moisture or other liquids through minute openings.

exumbilicate a. [L. ex, out of; umbilicus, navel] Lacking an umbilicus.

exumbrella n. [L. ex, out of; dim. umbra, shade] (CNID: Scy-phozoa) The convex aboral surface of a medusa or jellyfish. see subumbrella.

exuvia n.; n.pl. exuviae [L. exuvia, cast] The cast parts of the cuticle; cuticle shed at a molt; usually used only in the plural.

exuvial glands Certain epidermal glands associated with the molting fluid during ecdysis at molting.

exuvial space (ARTHRO: Insecta) An area between the epidermis and the cuticle into which the molting enzymes are secreted after apolysis.

exuviate v. [L. exuvia, cast] To cast skin or shell; to molt.

eye n. [A.S. eage, eye] An organ of sight; a photoreceptor; a compound eye; an ocellus.

eye-bridge (ARTHRO: Insecta) In Diptera, eyes dorsally joined above the antennae by a narrow line of facets.

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