Faeces see feces

Fahrenholz's rule Common ancestors of present day parasites were themselves parasites of the common ancestors of present day hosts; parasite phylogeny mirrors host phylog-eny.

falcate a. [L. falx, sickle] Sickle-shaped, hooked or new moon-shaped.

falces n.pl.; sing. falx, falcis [L. falx, sickle] 1. (ARTHRO: Che-licerata) Falces used to denote chelicerae of ticks; cheli-cerae of certain arachnids. 2. (ARTHRO: Insecta) In lycanid butterflies, when present, paired, sclerotized, curved arms articulated with the caudal margin of the tegumen ventrad of the uncus, and extending ventro-caudad.

falciform a. [L. falx, sickle; forma, shape] Having the shape of a sickle; curved like a sickle.

falciger n. [L. falx, sickle; gerere, to carry] (ANN) A compound, distally blunt, curved seta.

falculate a. [L. dim. falx, sickle] Curved with a sharp point.

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