Flame cell see solenocyte

flammaules n.pl. [L. flammula, blaze; Gr. aule, court] Having spots of color resembling a small flame; reddish, tinged with red.

flange n. [OF. flangier, flank] 1. A projecting rim, edge, or ex ternal or internal rib; a guide attachment for another part or organ. 2. (ARTHRO: Crustacea) In ostracods, a ridge along the valve margin formed by projection of the outer lamella as a narrow brim. 3. (NEMATA) Posteriorly sloping thickening or knob at the base of the odontostyle extension.

flank n. [OF. flanc, side] (MOLL: Bivalvia) The middle of the valve surface, bounded posteriorly by the posterior ridge.

flaring a. [Uncertain] To open, spread or project outward; spreading from within toward outward; a lip.

flatworms Classes Trematoda, Turbellaria and Cestoda; Platy-helminthes.

flavescent a. [L. flavus, yellow] A yellow color.

flavid a. [L. flavus, yellow] Golden yellow; sulphur yellow.

flavones n.pl. [L. flavus, yellow] Plant pigments that can be incorporated into the tissues of insects which contribute to their coloration. see anthocyanins, anthoxanthins, carotene pigments.

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