Gametogonium see gametocyte

gametogony n. [Gr. gamete, wife; gonos, seed] A phase in the development cycle of the malarial parasite in the red blood cells of man in which the two sexes of gametocytes are formed.

gametotoky n. [Gr. gamete, wife; tokos, birth] Parthenogenesis in which unfertilized eggs develop into either sex; deu-terotoky; amphitoky; arrhenotoky.

gamma taxonomy Taxonomy that uses all available biological information ranging from intraspecific population studies to the study of speciation, evolutionary rates and trends; systematics. see alpha taxonomy, beta taxonomy.

gamobium n. [Gr. gamos, marriage; bios, life] The sexual generation in alternation of generations. see agamobium.

gamodeme n. [Gr. gamos, marriage; demos, people] An isolated inbreeding community.

gamogenesis n. [Gr. gamos, marriage; genesis, beginning] Sexual reproduction. gamogonic a. see agamogenesis.

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