Genic balance see genetic balance

genicular a. [L. dim. genu, knee] Pertaining to the region of the knee.

geniculate n. [L. dim. genu, knee] 1. Bent; elbowed; bent in an obtuse angle. 2. (ARTHRO) The antenna of arthropods, i.e., insects and crustaceans. 3. (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) The base of the chelicerae in some spiders.

genital a. [L. gignere, to beget] Pertaining to the reproductive organs or the process of generation.

genital aperture 1. The genital opening. 2. (NEMATA) When a cloaca is present, the anus.

genital area (brachio) That part of the shell underlain by saccate gonocoel or posterior part of the digitate or lemniscate gonocoel.

genital armature Those portions of the reproductive system directly involved in copulation.

genital atrium (PLATY) A small cavity in the body wall into which the male and female genital ducts open.

genital bursa 1. (ECHINOD: Ophiuroidea) A genitorespiratory sac into which the gonads open; also used in respiration and brooding of larvae in brooding forms. 2. See bursa copulatrix.

genital canal (ECHINOD: Crinoidea) A canal in the arms in which the genital tube and cord lie.

genital chaeta (ANN) A seta that functions in sexual reproduction; spermathecal chaeta; penial chaeta; penial seta.

genital chamber (ARTHRO: Insecta) A copulatory invagination. a. In females, sometimes forms a tubular vagina that is often developed to form a bursa copulatrix. b. In males, a ventral invagination containing the phallic organs.

genital coelom (moll) The lamina of the gonads.

genital cone (ARTHRO: Crustacea) Single or paired testes openings on the eighth thoracic sternite of males.

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