Goblet cell see calyciform cell

goblets n.pl. [OF. goblete] (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) Stigmatal plate markings of certain hard ticks.

Golgi bodies [=dictyosomes=golgiosomes or internal reticular apparatus] Organelle found in most eukaryote cells consisting of a stack (dictyosome) of flat sacs (cisternae), involved in secretion.

golgio-kinesis Distribution of Golgi bodies during mitosis.

gonad n. [Gr. gone, that which produces seed] A reproductive organ; a testis, ovary, ovotestis, or their generative tissue. gonadial a.

gonadotropin, gonadotrophin n. [Gr. gone, that which produces seed; tropos, direction] A substance that stimulates the gonads to develop.

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