Granum tinctorium see kermes

graphiohexaster n. [Gr. graphe, writing; hex, six; aster, star] (PORIF) A six-rayed spicule with long filamentous processes from four of the rays.

graptolite n. [Gr. graptos, painted; lithos, stone] A fossil group of pelagic, colonial animals with chitinous exoskele-tons, consisting of simple or branched stems (rhab-dosomes) toothed along one or both edges.

grasping spines (CHAETO) Chitinous spines on the posterior part of the head used for food catching; prehensile spines; seizing jaws.

gravid n. [L. gravidus, pregnant] Containing an egg or eggs, as a gravid pinworm, or gravid proglottid of a tapeworm.

gray cell (PORIF) A cell with spherical basiphilic granules and many glycogen rosettes.

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