Gynocophoral canal see gynaecophoral canal

gynogenesis n. [Gr. gyne, woman; genesis, descent] Female parthenogenesis; pseudogamy; development of a haploid individual possessing only the maternal chromosome set. see androgenesis.

gynomerogony n. [Gr. gyne, woman; meros, part; gonos, seed] Development of an egg fragment containing only the female nucleus (maternal chromosomes).

gynosynhesmia n. [Gr. gyne, woman; syn, together; hesmos, swarm] A group of females gathering together during mating season. see androsynhesmia, synhesmia.

gynozooid n. [Gr. gyne, woman; zoon, animal] A female gonozooid.

gyrate, gyral a. [L. gyrare, to turn about] Circular or spiral movement; curved.

gyration n. [L. gyrare, to turn about] 1. Rotating or whirling movement. 2. (MOLL) One of the whorls on a spiral shell.

gyratory a. [L. gyrare, to turn about] Moving in a circle; circular or rotary motion.

gyre n. [L. gyrare, to turn about] Coiling; chromosome coiling.

gyri-cerebrales (ARTHRO: Insecta) Esophageal ganglion lobes in embryos.

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