habitat n. [L. habitare, to dwell] The particular kind of environment where a race, species or individual lives.

habitat selection The capability of a dispersing individual to select a particular (species-specific) environment.

habitat type The ecotype.

habitude n. [L. habitus, condition] General appearance or conformation of an animal.

habroderes n.pl. [Gr. habros, graceful; deire, neck] (KINOR) In Echinoderidae, the fourth juvenile stage to adulthood in which the midterminal spine is missing, and a series of molts results in the loss of posterior middorsal spines until the adult complement is reached.

hackled band (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) In cribellate spiders, composite threads spun by the cribellum and combed by the calamistrum setae.

haem- for words not found here see hem-

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